Coffee time, anytime in Scandinavia.

”There are a few things you should know about coffee culture in Scandinavia, that will most certainly dazzle you. Scandinavia coffee culture has a different approach, then other European country’s, we serve coffee by gallons, which does engage a ceremony of preparing the coffee and having a sit and enjoying it. Wha is fascinating is how we create a space around the coffee. The cafe’s here are truly heavenly hideaways, cozy indoors to refuge from weather. It is a indescribable feeling you get once you enter into a Scandinavia cafe. The smell of coffee and cookies, warmth and the flickering candles, invite you to drop your worries outside, and simply relax for a while”..!

Postcard: Science may never come up with a better communication system, than a coffee break in Scandinavia”..!

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